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Maltese words

Study the following words for next Monday:

  • rix
  • vit
  • rota

Today the kids were given a pink button file. In it there is a library book, a pink copybook and two handouts. 

Read the book to your kid, ask questions about the story and talk about it. If it is in Maltese speak Maltese and if it is in English speak English. 

Then your child has to draw his/her favourite part of the story on the pink copybook and write the book’s title on top.

Sign the paper (next to the book’s title) and colour a face.

Keep the pink button file home and bring it to school every Friday. 



By next Wednesday the children need to get two paper plates (do not write the child’s name on them) and two large googlie eyes.



Maltese words

For next Monday 13th November study the following words:

  1. ħin
  2. riħ
  3. pupa

Click on the picture below to revise the Maltese alphabet.

Happy Halloween 🎃 

Click on the Activities Page to see more photos.

Maltese words

For next Monday study the following words:

  1. re
  2. mar
  3. dar

Please encourage your kids to revise maltese letters every day. Make sure they write them properly in a narrowed lined copybook. Read the new minibook ‘Nena’.

Thank you for your cooperation 



I have updated the Maths page, Arts & Craft page and the English vocabulary page. Please encourage your kids to play some of the online games and to watch the videos.

Thank you 


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