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Dear parents,

Our class received about 100 books from the literacy campaign ‘Aqra kemm tiflah’. Every Friday each child will be given a library book from our class to take home for a week. I am going to give their library card back to them, so that you can get more books from any public library. Please explain to your kids that the book is on loan and must be taken care of.

The children need to bring an A4 pink plastic button file to put the book in it. They also need a copybook with blank pages, covered in pink and labeled ‘library books’. Every Friday they need to write the title of their book on top, draw a picture of their favourite part of the story and write a simple sentence in Maltese or English (depending on the book) about the story at the bottom of the page. The copybook will be collected every Monday.

I will also be giving them a list of books where you have to sign near the title of their book as a proof that they have read the book. If you think that the book is too difficult for your child to read, then read the story to him/her your self and help him experience the joy of reading.

Some important points about reading with your child:

  • Whilst reading point to the print.
  • Stick to one language depending on the book. do not translate.
  • Read the book more than once during the week because repetition is very important.
  • Discuss the picture on the front page. ‘What do you think the story is about?’ Talk about title and author. Children need to understand that the book is written by a person.
  • Change tone, follow punctuation eg. pauses after commas.
  • Make sure that you have a positive attitude whilst reading. Do not give the impression that you are doing it by force.
  • Timing is very important. Do not read the book when your child is about to fall asleep.
  • Talk about prediction. ‘What do you think will happen next?’
  • Reading about 10 mins everyday  is enough at this age.
  • If your child stops you during the story, listen to what he has to say than continue reading.
  • Ask your child to point at Tricky words done at school.
  • Ask questions and talk about the pictures. ‘What colour is the …?’




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