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Important Information

Dear parents,

Hope you all had a special Christmas with your loved ones and you are enjoying some quality time with your kids.

I have updated the Maths Page, English Vocabulary Page and the Maltese Page.  Encourage your kids to play some of the games to revise things learnt so far. I have added the English Resources Page, from where you can print the yr1 Tricky words flashcards to help your kids learn these words. (keep the flashcards at home). You can also find some useful ideas and resources to help your kids learn to read and write simple words in English.

Please print the following alphabet chart, laminate it and put it in the black flat file in front of the tricky words handout. Please put the tricky words handout in a plastic sheet.

abc chart

Later on I will give you some information regarding the English Phonics Bug Programme.

On Monday 22nd January 2018 at 12:30pm, there is going to be a meeting for yr1 parents, on the teaching of English in the school hall.

Thank you for your co-operation



Christmas party 🎄

Note about the Christmas Party

As you know, tomorrow we have the Christmas party. Children can come to school wearing casual clothes. They have to bring a small bag with water bottle, an empty lunch box, a plastic/paper plate and a plastic cup. Please label everything. They should also bring their pencilcase. School finishes at 12:00.

Today’s hw is for Monday 8th January 2018. During the holidays encourage your kids to revise addition using the number line. Revise also the maltese alphabet and reading & writing of simple maltese words.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year.



Christmas concert

Happy Christmas

Thank you

Thank you so much for the gifts. We really appreciate. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas.


Ms.Olivia & Ms.Roxane


Next Monday I am going to ask the children to write the maltese alphabet.

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