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Maltese words

Study the following words for next Monday:

  1. suf
  2. ras
  3. kejk

Next Thursday the children can bring €1 for the Piggy Bank and remember that school finishes at 12pm.

By next Monday the children need to get a toilet paper roll for crafts.

Children can get a Christmas bauble to decorate our school.

Christmas concert

The Christmas concert is on Friday 15th December at 9:30am. On that day and on Thursday 14th December the children have to come to school wearing blue jeans, white slippers and a red or green jumper/turtle neck.

Thank you


Today’s outing was cancelled because it was raining. We will go on another day.

Friday’s outing

Dear parents,

as you know next Friday we have our first outing. The children have to wear their school uniform. They only need to get an outing bag with lunch, water, wipes, tissues and pencil case. Make sure that everything fits in their bag and that the bag can be closed properly.


By next Monday the children need to bring a packet of coloured ice-lolly sticks (craft sticks) small.

We also need some coloured antaccoli (spangles or sequins) or sticker gems.

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