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Dear parents,

Unfortunately next Monday’s meeting regarding the teaching of maltese had to be cancelled due to the directives given by the MUT.




On Tuesday 31st October children can come to school wearing the Halloween costume.

By next Friday please get a paper plate. Write child’s name as small as possible with a pencil. 

On Monday 30th October at 12:45pm there’s going to be a meeting at school regarding the teaching of Maltese. It is very important that you all attend.

Thank you


Study the following words for next Monday:

  1. te’
  2. tin
  3. mina

Always revise Maltese letters done so far. Continue doing some blending and decoding everyday.



Maltese words

For next Monday study:

  1. le
  2. din
  3. dan

Study for Monday

Study the following words for Monday:

  1. tim
  2. tat
  3. lil

Next Monday I am going to ask the the children to write the following 3 words:

  1. li
  2. ta
  3. ma


Dear parents,

I have uploaded some pictures in the Activities page. You can find our blog password in your child’s notebook. 

By next Wednesday please bring a passport photo of your child and a small shoe box (children’s shoe box). Write child’s name at the bottom of the box.

Thank you 😊


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